Locally owned and operated since 1949
We service Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming
Toll-free (800) 490-3198

Interactive Safety Modules

What is Propane? What to Do If You Smell Gas
Can You Smell It? Maintaining Your Propane Appliance
Carbon Monoxide Safety Lighting Pilot Lights
Running Out of Gas Using Space Heaters Safely
Safe Grilling Small Cylinder Transportation and Storage
Power Outages Flood Preparedness
Hurricane Preparedness Spring/Summer Weather Safety
Winter Storm Preparedness Wildfire Preparedness

Products & Services

We service Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming

Keep Full or Automatic Delivery from November to April

  • This is a “no worry” option. We will automatically deliver to keep your tank full.

Will Call Delivery

  • You call us when you are ready for a delivery.
  • Please give us 48 hour notice for scheduling.

Parts that we have on hand include:

  • Weed burners
  • Regulators
  • Hoses – made to your specifications
  • Valves
  • Etc.

We also carry 20# to 100# bottles & forklift bottles.

We carry the Unique refrigerators, freezers, and cook stoves.  “No Power No Problem”.